Code of Conduct

We pride ourselves on creating a safe and happy environment for everyone who attend our events.

Last revised  date:  October 10th, 2022

*Animangapop Ltd. reserves the right to modify and/or update this policy at any time at their sole discretion and without prior notice.


Following this simple Code of Conduct helps ensure a safe convention and that everyone will have fun.  Your own good judgement and courtesy towards others are key.

Please watch out for each other, take care of one another, help those who need help, and be careful..  Play it clean, sober, and safe!  Please don’t leave the Event with strangers, and make sure that your friends know when you leave or if you are going home early.

  • Please don’t hesitate to speak to staff if you see anything suspicious.
  • Minors should not go to hotel rooms with people you have not known before the event

To participate in and/or attend any Animangapop Ltd Events (referred to below as the “Event” regardless of whether it’s Animangapop, or another one of our Events), you must comply with this Code of Conduct in order to attend and/or participate in these Events. AMP reserves the right to modify and/or update any AMP policy at any time without prior notice.  Violation of this Code of Conduct may result in forfeiture of your Event entrance, expulsion from the Event and/or termination of your position with AMP.  Where the Code of Conduct refers to “AMP’s written consent”, such written consent may be in the form of a separate written exhibitor/sponsorship agreement, vendor agreement, facility rental agreement, or other form of written agreement or permit.  Event Facilities, event hotels, and all other places where any Event programming is scheduled are “Event Facilities”.

AFTER PARTY (where applicable)

  • Please be prepared to show proof of age and identification when entering the After Party at the Event. We will only accept the following forms of identification: government-issued driver’s licenses or identification cards, passports, or military identification.
  • Please wear your wristbands/lanyards at all times during the Event. Terms and conditions are available on


The following, as such violations are determined in AMP sole discretion, are not permitted at the Event or its surrounding areas, including the parking lots, hotels, plazas, and structures:

    • Any illegal activity in accordance with regional and national law. 
    • Failure to be appropriately clothed, as determined by the sole discretion of AMP. Please follow local laws, rules, and regulations when selecting your costume.
    • Assaulting, threatening, behaving inappropriately to another person, discriminating conduct of any nature whatsoever, making racial, religious, ethnic, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, or other slurs, bullying, and/or expressing any act of hatred towards another.
    • Lewd or offensive behaviour, such as profanity, obscene language or conduct, exposing nipples or genitals, making recordings in bathrooms, bedrooms, or of nipples, genitals or up skirts.
    • Conducting commercial or business transactions without AMP’s prior written consent, including without limitation, selling food or beverages from unauthorised carts, stands, or ice chests inside or outside Event venues or hotels; solicitation of money, contributions, or donations; distribution of commercial advertising or promotional material of any kind, such as signs, flyers, cards, or offers of discounts on rides, or other products or services; or offering samples of items which are sold, available for sale, or available in exchange for a donation or contribution.
    • Unlawful conduct or failure to comply with the policies, rules, or instructions of AMP, Event staff, the Event facility, the hotel affiliated with the Event, or law enforcement officers.
    • Smoking / Vaping:


  • Never Inside: No smoking or vaping is permitted inside any of the Event Facilities, unless there is a place specifically designated by the Event Facility that permits either.


  • Possessing any open can, bottle or other receptacle containing alcoholic beverages, except in areas specifically designated for the consumption of alcohol and in compliance with the AMP’s Alcohol Policy.
  • Possessing any illegal substance. AMP DOES NOT tolerate illegal substances in or around Events.
  • Any action that impedes the flow of traffic, creates a potential or actual hazardous condition, or is deemed to interfere with Animangapop. Individuals may be asked to move or discontinue their actions.  IE, an individual may be asked to relocate or terminate an activity in order to disperse a crowd which impedes traffic flow.
  • Any noise or music that is disruptive to other attendees or the operation of Animangapop.
  • No Soliciting
  • Riding Hover-boards / Skateboards / Non-ADA Scooters / Segways: if you have one of these, please check it in at the cloakroom or, if it fits, please keep it inside your bag within the Event Facilities.
  • Using Roller Skates / Roller Blades


  • Stilts
  • Weapons (Please see our “Weapons Policy” for more info)
  • Drones / UAV’s
  • Illegal Substances
  • Stickers / Adhesive Graphics (Keep them in your bags/pockets and off the walls/floors of the Event Facilities)
  • All signs, whether for a costume prop or not, are prohibited unless approved in writing for use by Event staff.
  • Non-Service Live Animals – (we might make an exception for a living Unicorn). Please check in with the Con operations team for written permission.
  • Helium and Mylar Balloons
  • Lasers or Similar Items
  • Coolers
  • Oversized Backpacks / Bags: No bags over the air-plane carry-on size are permitted. As a point of reference, the size limit for a standard air-plane carry-on is 22 x 14 x 9 inches.  All bags, regardless of size, are subject to inspection at any time.
  • Motorised Vehicles (i.e. go-karts or kids’ battery-operated vehicles.)
  • Wheeled Carts / Wagons
  • Confetti / Loose Glitter (Glitter used on your costumes is OK)
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Open-Flame Use
  • Any activity prohibited by law and/or prohibited by any Event Facilities.
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