Chloe Eves

Voice Actor @ Chloe Eves

From Genshin Impact to Smite, Neverwinter to Magic: The Gathering, Chloe’s vast range of voices can be heard throughout!
Chloe Eves is an Irish and British, Non-Binary voice actor originally from County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland who now resides in Birmingham. With 10 years of voice acting under their belt, they’ve seen a wide range of characters come to their doorstep, from researchers, warriors, gods, elves and even… goat moms?!
And their voice isn’t just heard through their characters, but also their singing performances too! Chloe’s most notable works being featured in CG5’s “Your Reality Remix” and multiple DAGames songs such as “Left Behind”, “Break My Mind” and “Take My Breath away” to name but a few.
Some of Chloe’s most popular roles include Haypasia and Eremite Desert Clearwater in Genshin Impact, Oni Huntress Artemis in Smite, Linu La’neral in Neverwinter, Nissa Revane in Magic: Legends and Toriel in If Undertale was Realistic.
Make sure you catch up with her at the booth and check in on her Panel “Let’s Talk Anime & Video Game Voice Acting”